Minutes: MYRM 2018

Click the link below and enter the password to download the minutes from Mid-Year Reps Meeting 2018 held at Koinonia in August 2018.

Minutes MYRM 2018

Minutes: Yearly Meeting 2018

The Minutes for the YM held from 2-8 January 2018 can be accessed by clicking the link below and entering the password. Please note that the site-wide password has now been set and your Clerk will be able to give it to you.

The Minutes are available in PDF files in three forms:

  • a standalone file containing only the Minutes (135 kb)
  • integrated into the Agenda handout document (10.9 MB)
  • integrated into the Agenda handout document that has been zipped (10.1 MB)

Minutes YM 2018

Epistle: Yearly Meeting 2018

Click the link below to read the Epistle from SAYM 2018.

Epistle YM 2018 FINAL

Yearly Meeting 2018

The Pack that will be distributed to Yearly Meeting attendees has gone to the printer. For those Friends who wish to read the contents in advance, please download the PDF file by clicking the link below. You will be taken to a password protected page and will need to enter the password. Click the link on that page, and the PDF will download.

YM 2018 Handout


2017 MYRM

The Mid-Year Reps Meeting, which took place from 27 April to 1 May at Koinonia in Johannesburg, generated many good ideas, so much exciting energy, and so much thinking about issues that tend to get pushed to one side in daily life. The minutes are now available and can be downloaded by clicking the link below. Please note that the minutes are on a password protected page, so you will need to contact your Clerk for the SAYM password to access it. An updated passwords list has been sent out to Clerks.

Ethical investment was among the issues raised. Rob Thomson prepared a report titled “Environmental and Social Criteria for Investments of the Quaker funds” which was presented at the meeting. It can also be downloaded from the Minutes page (see link below).

Helen Holleman is in the process of preparing a ‘Report’ which is not an official document, but tries to capture the background to many of the decisions we minuted. It will be made available on the Minutes page once it is complete.

MYRM 2017 Minutes and Reports

2016 Yearly Meeting



The most recent Yearly Meeting was held at Modderpoort in the Free State from 27 April-3 May 2016. Some 63 Quakers attended, and this year’s Richard Gush Lecture was given by Jennifer Kavanagh who has written a number of books of spiritual guidance.

Download this year’s Richard Gush by clicking here.

C&SAYM 2016 report carried in The Friend

C&SAYM 2016 Minutes — Public Edition

C&SAYM 2016 Minutes — Minutes and Reports not in Handout Pack only

Full minutes of the Yearly Meeting can be downloaded, but they are password protected. Please contact your Clerk for the password, and then click the link below.

Full Minutes of the Yearly Meeting 2016 held at Modderpoort from 27 April-3 May 2016

The Peace, Justice & Development Fund (PJDF) and Compassion Fund of C&SAYM

The 2015 Yearly Meeting approved the establishment of the PJDF, as a subset of ECTF, to encourage peace, justice and development work within C&SAYM.

The application forms for the PJDF and the Compassion Fund CF have undergone some changes and updates recently. Please download the current versions of the forms you require by clicking the links below:

2015 MYRM Minutes and Report

Please click the link below for the minutes and more detailed report of the MYRM held at Koinonia in Johannesburg from 13-16 August 2015.

Minutes — MYRM 2015


2015 Yearly Meeting Minutes

Please click the link below for the minutes of the Yearly Meeting for worship for business held at the Good Shepherd Retreat Centre, Hartebeespoort, from 2-8 January 2015. The theme for the meeting was Reverence for Life, Silence, Transformation and Action.

Minutes — C&SAYM 2015

Southern Africa Yearly Meeting


Clerks:  John Inglis and Sipho Nsimbi


The Quaker Handbook is a guide to the structures that support the individual’s search for personal and social truth. The PDF of the Quaker Handbook 2016 can be downloaded here.

Young Friends

A short paragraph about the Young Friends with a link to any extra information.

Next gathering

The next gathering of the SAYM with be in April 2019 at eMseni Christian Centre near Johannesburg. Any extra information that fits in a short paragraph. Any more extensive info should go onto its own page with a link here. Possible link on the other page to map and precise address etc.

Next Yearly Meeting

The upcoming Yearly Meeting of the SAYM will take place at eMseni Christian Centre, Johannesburg, Gauteng, in South Africa in April 2019.

Richard Gush Lectures

At each Yearly Meeting a keynote address is given by a “weighty” Quaker. These lectures tend to focus on issues relating to [whatever is important at the time] and serve the purpose of [something]. The full text of the lectures since 2009 can be seen on this site, and there are links to PDF files of older lectures.


Some information about the Epistle and why it is important. Link to the most recent Epistle’s full text, with links on that page to the PDFs of other Epistles.

Minutes of the Yearly Meetings

All the proceedings of each Yearly Meeting are recorded and made available to Friends. The following minutes are available on this site:

  • 2013
  • 2012
  • 2010
  • {{Note: each of these dates is a link to the PDF of the file}}