Richard Gush Lectures

The life of Richard Gush

2018 Lecture

The lecture at the YM 2018 at Good Shepherd (Hartbeespoort) entitled “Travelling on Outward and Inward Journeys” was delivered by Nancy Fee. Download the lecture below.

Lectures from past years

Should you wish to access an earlier year’s lecture, please click the link of the relevant year to download the PDF file.

  • Richard Gush Memorial Lecture 2016 – The lecture at the YM 2016 at Modderpoort entitled “No Other: a journey into oneness” was delivered by Jennifer Kavanagh.
  • 2015 abstract — Rob Thomson: “Human Economic Activity: Holding Organisations Accountable for an Environmentally, Socially and Economically Sustainable future”. The YM 2015 lecture was based on an as yet unpublished doctoral thesis. Accordingly, only an abstract is available. Once the thesis is published, the full text and relevant graphic material will be made avialable.
  • 2013 — Shelagh Willet: “Reverence for Life”
  • 2011 — John Schmid: “Life”
  • 2008 — Vernon Gibberd: “On Turning the World the Right Way Up”
  • 2007 — Martin Wilkinson: “Prophets of Equality”
  • 2005 — “Mystery, Mysticism and Daily Living: A Quaker Adventure in Difficult Times”
  • 2004 — Sheldon Weeks: “My life as a Friend and Fellow Traveller”
  • 2003 — Geoff Harris: “Is Peace Possible?”
  • 1996 — George Ellis: “Is Quakerism Viable in the Light of Modern Science?”