Becoming a Quaker Clerk — Woodbrook online course begins 6 February

Forthcoming Woodbrook On Line course: Being A Quaker Clerk (6 February – 19 March 2017)

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre in the UK is again offering it’s 6 week on-line course on Becoming a Quaker Clerk. The course is meant for new Clerks, or for those who might become Clerks. Seven of us did this course in 2015, and we all found it very useful.

The link for the course on the Woodbrooke site is:

The course involves about 7 – 12 hours work, spread over 6 weeks. There are a number of readings and exercises to do (e.g. writing Business Meeting agendas and minutes), all of which are practical. There are no videos. Participants can view and complete the work anytime in the week.

The online process is not difficult, and both Woodbrook and Nancy Fee (Pretoria Monthly Meeting) can provide support for anyone who is having difficulty with uploading material, etc.

Most people would want to do the course on a laptop or computer. Access on 3g is fine. It is possible to do the course with a smart phone, as Solomon (Bulawayo) and Benonia (Harare) did in 2015.

The cost of the course is £105.00. Previously, Woodbrooke was willing to grant us a 50% bursary, and the cost per person was £50. The YM Quaker funds were able to cover this cost for Clerks who needed assistance.

Helen and John have asked me to coordinate on our participation on the course for the YM.  I will be discussing the possibility of the bursary for this course with Woodbrooke.

Woodbrooke is also offering this on line course twice more this year: 5 June – 16 July, and 6 November to 17 December. I am sure it will be offered next year too.

Action: Please e-mail Nancy Fee if you, or someone in your Meeting is interested in participating. Please let her know by next Wednesday, the 1st February.

Please let Nancy know if any participant(s) are able to afford all or part of the course cost, or would be requesting funding from the YM.

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