FWCC Arts Calendar 2018 to celebrate Quaker Peacemaking

For the artists among us, FWCC is partnering with Linda Murgatroyd to produce an arts calendar for 2018 celebrating Quaker Peacemaking around the world. We are keen to
include artworks reflecting Quaker peacemaking around the world, and of different kinds, in a variety of high quality media. This will be a fundraising and outreach project for FWCC.

At this stage we are putting the word out and hoping to get works for which we can easily get copyright permissions and high quality images; we will need to make our selection in April. We’d like to include diverse artworks commemorating different kinds of peacemaking in different times and places, and at the moment Linda is researching what might easily be available.

Obviously the curating group will need to discern a balanced selection of artworks, but Linda needs initial suggestions (photo, some draft text) by 16th March if at all possible.

For further information contact Linda Murgatroyd. Her email address is secured behind the C&SAYM password. Kindly contact your Clerk for the password if you do not know it.

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