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Outreach: Yvonne Pickering Kindergarten Project

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Yvonne Pickering Kindergarten Project


The objective of the Project is to support the Yvonne Pickering Kindergarten Project (YPK) in their endeavour to provide children from marginalised communities in Outjo with a good early childhood education and get them off to a flying start in their primary education.

Specific Objectives

  1. To provide the YPK with funds that they can use at their discretion for needs such as stationery and play equipment.
  2. To enable the YPK to provide the children with a morning snack.
  3. To enable the two YPK staff members to improve their qualifications in Early Childhood Development with NAMCOL.
  4. To support the plans of YPK to build an additional teaching space.


The YPK is provided with a monthly amount that they can use at their discretion to enrich the play and learning of the children. YPK is registered with the GRN and uses the national curriculum for Early Childhood Development.

The YPK is provided with a monthly amount that they can use to buy food items locally for preparation of a morning snack for the children. A friendly relationship exists with a local grocer. Some vegetables are grown on site, but the cost of water and other difficulties inhibits this.

In 2023 the two YPK teachers were enrolled with NAMCOL, one for the Certificate in Early Childhood Development and the other for the Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Junior Primary. Since this is a distance mode of study students must attend four residential study session in Windhoek per year. NQC provides accommodation during these courses.

The YPK has begun to make concrete blocks towards building an additional teaching space since the current room is overcrowded. The local authority has provided bags of cement and local youths have provided labour. NQC has not yet been able to offer support for this endeavour but it is obvious that help will be needed to complete this building project.

Management Arrangements

NQC makes monthly transfers to the bank account of YPK. YPK takes pictures of all receipts and sends these to NQC, that checks that they are in accordance with the budget. NQC pays NAMCOL fees directly to NAMCOL. There is prior consultation when necessary. NQC visits YPK a few times per year, as opportunities arise.

Review of Progress

In 2023 all the children who had been enrolled in YPK were admitted to local primary schools (although some were above the recommended age.) The NQC has met with the local authority and the local office of the Ministry of Gender, both of which have expressed their support of the YPK.

At the end of 2023 NQC and YPK will meet and review the Project over the past two years and attempt to discern the way ahead.

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