Memorial Service for our departed Friend John Schmid, 24 June 2018 at BQM House

The Bulawayo  Quaker Meeting held a memorial service for our late Friend John Schmid on  Sunday  24th June  2018 at the Meeting House. It was well attended by 43 people drawn from members of the meeting, Kelita’s family members, former Hlekweni Staff and close friends of John.

Testimonies shared spoke of John’s:-

  1. Reverence for life- as seen in his love for nature and protection for even the smallest of creatures , and very strong sentiments against war and destruction happening around the world.
  2. Accountable leadership – as seen in his advocating for leaders to serve with integrity and transparency because they are in positions of Trust
  3. Having a big heart- having been a father figure in the family and answering to the needs of several family members and disadvantaged communities that included refugees
  4. Providing mentorship in BQM as a respected elder.

Our 2 Young Young Friends delivered a powerful poem about what John meant to them and what a gap he had left in their lives and in the life of the Meeting.

The Service brought to light that a life lived in simplicity and in the care of others can be so powerful.

People had an opportunity to fellowship over some refreshments served afterwards.

In Peace and Friendship

From All of Us at BQM


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