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Browse through the Publications, Financial Forms and Guidelines and Resources available to the Quaker community on this page. At the bottom of the page are links to International Resources.

Also available are text files and videos of past Richard Gush Lectures.


Download the various Quaker publications by clicking the relevant link below.


Quaker Handbook — the current edition is 2019

Living Adventurously

The fifth edition of Quaker faith & practice, the book of Christian discipline of the Yearly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain, can be accessed online at no charge by following this link:

Should you wish to purchase a printed copy, there are links on that web page for you to do so.

SA Quaker News

SA Quaker News — March 2024 — Issue 254

SA Quaker News — September 2023 — Issue 253

SA Quaker News — April 2023 — Issue 252

SA Quaker News — November 2022

SA Quaker News — September 2022

SA Quaker News — May 2022

SA Quaker News — January 2022

SA Quaker News — June 2021

SA Quaker News — August 2020

SA Quaker News — September 2019

SA Quaker News — April 2019

SA Quaker News — February 2019

SA Quaker News — August 2018

SA Quaker News — December 2017

SA Quaker News — September 2017

SA Quaker News — March 2016

SA Quaker News — July 2015

SA Quaker News — January 2015

SA Quaker News — April 2014

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Financial forms and guidelines

The link below will download a document containing guidelines for Clerks and Meetings on the process to follow when applying to the Quaker Funds Committee for support. It has been confirmed as current in February 2020.


This form has been confirmed as current in February 2020. Should you wish to apply to the PJDF, please use this version of the form:


This form has been confirmed as current in February 2020. Should you wish to apply to the Compassion Fund, please use this version of the form:



In an attempt to keep membership lists up to date, all meetings have been requested to send the secretary an updated spreadsheet of members and attenders. Please click the link below to download an Excel file containing a template for your use.

Please note that the final column in the spreadsheet requests information regarding any NGOs with which Friends are involved, e.g. SAFCEI, AVP. This is as per the request made to MYRM 2017.

QSA contact list – template for meetings – 17-09-11 (Excel file)


A logo for SAYM was approved at MYRM 2017. It is available for download in various formats from the link below. Additionally, a customisable MS Word letterhead template may also be downloaded. The page is password protected, so please use the 2017 SAYM password. Contact your Clerk for a list of passwords applicable to meetings using this site.

SAYM 2017 Stationery and logo


Below is a link to the Meeting communications chapter in the BYM Eldership and Oversight Manual, With a Tender Hand, “Being in touch in a modern world”. While this is not fully applicable to Southern African Quakers, it is still a useful chapter to read, and is quite brief.

Eldership and Oversight Communication


In preparing for the Financial Workshop at the 2017 MYRM, Justine came across a useful resource for Quaker Trustees. Access it via the link below.

Handbook for Trustees


New England Yearly Meeting: New Resource on Quaker Outreach

Friends are exploring new ways to be present and available in the broader culture, offering the Quaker way for a life lived in the Light and a mode of seeking that together. Quaker outreach is a broad topic and there is a positive role for every Friend to play.

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International Resources


The Australian Friend is available free, online. The link is: You can access any of the back issues by selecting the appropriate link on the right of the page. The earliest is March 2011.

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