Shelagh Willet’s tombstone unveiling

The programme for the unveiling of Shelagh Willet's tombstone.

The programme for the unveiling of Shelagh Willet’s tombstone.

Today there was a short service in the graveyard in Gabane for the Unveiling of Shelagh’s tombstone. Sebastian Okello-Wengi organised it and provided the stone. It has been very important to him and he has been planning it since her funeral.

There was quiet singing of Kumbaya, then a Lutheran pastor who I didn’t know blessed the stone. Frank and Ted Hutton removed the covering cloth. Then Joyce, a dear friend of Shelagh’s now living in America, read the simple inscription, and placed flowers on the stone. In the absence of the chief, Frank spoke for a couple of minutes emphasising the witness in Shelagh’s life to Jesus direction to us to love our neighbour. Ted Hutton’s two girls read a poem of Shelagh’s sent by Betty in America. After more singing we left for Kagisong and tea with lots of talk!

There were at least 3 ex- refugees there, it was very moving that inscribed on Shelagh’s stone is Mother of refugees. She was that to many people. Otherwise there is just her name and dates of birth, death and burial.



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