Statement on the Passing of Archbishop Desmond Tutu

On behalf of Quakers in Southern Africa, we’d like to express our deepest sympathy and love to his wife Leah and extended family, as we celebrate the life of our much loved Desmond Mphilo Tutu.

Quakers in Southern Africa give thanks for the life and witness of Archbishop Desmond Tutu. A number of Friends had the privilege of working with him for justice and peace.

We join with a multitude of people of all faiths and nationalities who have been deeply touched by Desmond Tutu during his long life spanning several challenging eras.

Desmond Tutu was a man of prayer. His courage and actions blossomed from deep spiritual experience and insight. He very often acted boldly, in a spirit of love and compassion, but sometimes also with a sense of impish fun and humour, showing us the true liberty of those who devotedly follow God.

Despite having no means other than the truth and his own presence he influenced us all to primarily value our common humanity, ubuntu.

May we all remember him and follow his example. 

Issued by Sipho Nsimbi and Justin Ellis, Co-Clerks of the Yearly Meeting of Quakers in Southern Africa

31 December 2021

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