Who are the Quakers?

Quakers, or Friends, as we are also known, are ordinary people who believe that everyone can have a direct, unique experience of God in their everyday lives. We are members of the Religious Society of Friends which is a worldwide spiritual community rooted in Christianity.

Quakers have much in common, but there is a wide variety of experience, belief and language.  We use an inward process called Silent Worship, often referred to as ‘centering prayer’.  It is a tried and tested way of experiencing God’s influence, which people in many ages and places have used. Friends make no distinction between the ‘ordinary’ and the ‘sacred’ so we do not have special church buildings and no day is more special than another. A Quaker Meeting for Worship can take place anywhere and at any time Friends feel the need to be still Meeting for Worship is central to Quaker life. In our worship we can find the peace, strength and love to go out into the world. Our Meetings for Worship are usually silent and encourage each other in our spiritual life, following the ‘Quaker Process’ which is a way to become conscious of ‘that of God’ in others and within ourselves. The way includes but is not limited to:

  • Silent communion, which has elements of centering prayer, meditation and contemplation;
  • Group insight;
  • Individual responsibility.

Meetings for Worship provide an effective and safe place where each person may share experiences and discoveries in the spiritual and the physical world. For more information, please explore the website, or have a look at: