Our Process — Quakers and Creeds

“A creed may act as a fence to keep people out or to keep people in.
We prefer them, freely, to ‘come to the well’ themselves.”

Quakers do not tell people what to believe;  instead, we provide the circumstances that help people to discover their own spiritual life for themselves and we hope they will share their discoveries and journey with each other.

We want people to experience their spirituality rather than talk about it so we do not have a formal creed. Our experience is that each person has a direct relationship with God who guides us by the “Inner Light”.

We record the wisdom revealed to us by the Light in Minutes, Epistles and Testimonies based on the experience of each person in the group, so the discovery of the spiritual journey is continuous.

Four hundred years of Quaker experience is selected and recorded in “Quaker Faith and Practice”, and in the booklets “Questions and Counsel” and “Advices and Queries”, all of which give guidance for life.  Another, “Living Adventurously”, recounts the real-life, spiritual experiences of South Africans.

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