Epistle from YM 2019

The Epistle from the 2019 Yearly Meeting of SAYM is now available on the SAYM page: http://www.quakers.co.za/central-southern-africa-yearly-meeting/

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Richard Gush Lecture 2019

Helen Vale of the Namibia Quaker Community presented the Richard Gush Lecture at the YM. View or download the lecture from the SAYM page.

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SAQN April 2019 — Special issue on Equality

The new edition of SAQN is now available online. It is a special issue focusing on Equality, the theme of the SAYM 2019 being held at eMseni, just east of Johannesburg, from 17-23 April. Click HERE to access it.

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YM 2019 Handout available for download

Please click the link below to access the YM 2019 Handout. The document is on a password-protected page. Please contact your Clerk for the password.

YM 2019 Handout

The following SIGs will take place during YM 2019:

SATURDAY, 20th April

  • Colin Bartlett & David Jones, Milton Keynes Meeting – “Bearing witness: Quaker working retreat in Palestine-Israel.”
    • Pearl Lebatha, Botswana: “Kagisano Society and other peace initiatives in Botswana.”
    • Carol Bower, Peace Centre: “New developments in the Peace Centre”
    • Marie Odendaal, AVP: AVP in Southern Africa
    • Discussion: Building a peaceful society in Southern Africa
  • Paul Mooney, On LIGHT

SUNDAY, 21st April

  • Justine Limpitlaw, QCJ – “Shutting down or throttling Access to the Internet – what is at stake in Africa and is a Quaker response needed?” The SIG will explore examples of entire or partial internet shutdowns, so-called social-media brown-outs as well as new taxes being imposed on internet access to reduce the number of people using the internet. It will also explore whether or not Quakers have something useful to contribute and whether or not this could be something Quakers take up with other church organisations to raise voices of faith against Internet censorship.
  • Helen Holleman, ECQ – “Equal resources – trashing the planet to get what we want.”
  • Jane Dawson, BYM – “Communicating in Plain English.”
  • Geoff Harris, KZNQM – “Demilitarising Lesotho.”

MONDAY, 22nd April

  • Susan Mattingly, Nancy Fee & Janneke Weidema et al., PMM – “Climate, Sustainability and Quakers in Africa”
  • Thuli Mbete, WCQM – “SAYM and the wider Quaker world.”
  • Rory Short, QCJ – “A spiritual response to victimhood”
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SA Quaker News

The February 2019 edition of SA Quaker News (SAQN) is now available from our Publications page.

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Memorial Service for our departed Friend John Schmid, 24 June 2018 at BQM House

The Bulawayo  Quaker Meeting held a memorial service for our late Friend John Schmid on  Sunday  24th June  2018 at the Meeting House. It was well attended by 43 people drawn from members of the meeting, Kelita’s family members, former Hlekweni Staff and close friends of John.

Testimonies shared spoke of John’s:-

  1. Reverence for life- as seen in his love for nature and protection for even the smallest of creatures , and very strong sentiments against war and destruction happening around the world.
  2. Accountable leadership – as seen in his advocating for leaders to serve with integrity and transparency because they are in positions of Trust
  3. Having a big heart- having been a father figure in the family and answering to the needs of several family members and disadvantaged communities that included refugees
  4. Providing mentorship in BQM as a respected elder.

Our 2 Young Young Friends delivered a powerful poem about what John meant to them and what a gap he had left in their lives and in the life of the Meeting.

The Service brought to light that a life lived in simplicity and in the care of others can be so powerful.

People had an opportunity to fellowship over some refreshments served afterwards.

In Peace and Friendship

From All of Us at BQM


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International Quaker Day on 7 October 2018 in Pretoria

We each brought our friends and relations and had a record attendance of 26 at meeting for worship. We renewed contact with some lovely people we had not seen for a long time and made new contacts with equally lovely people we had never seen before. Meeting for coffee after meeting for worship was great and to prove it we include the photo of the remains of the bacchanal.

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MYRM Minutes 2018 available

The Minutes from this year’s MYRM can be downloaded via the SAYM page.

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YM 2018 Minutes available

Please follow the link on the SAYM page to download the Minutes file. At present only the Minutes, with page references to the YM 2018 Handout/Agenda document are available. The Minutes will be integrated into the Handout/Agenda and the complete document will be made available shortly. Please note that these documents are behind a password.

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SAQN December 2017 AND Quaker Handbook 2018 now available

Please visit the Publications & Resources page to download the latest SAQN and the updated Quaker Handbook.

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